Why Broker?

We have partner relationships with some of the largest automotive dealerships and auctions in the industry.
We can find your specific car and save you time and money.  We simply take your request and locate your vehicle of choice. You have the option to either come to our office or have it delivered to your home or business throughout any location in the U.S. (Shipping rate paid by customer at our discounted broker fee price).

Do you want rims, tires, window tint, vehicle wraps, Professional auto detail, etc? We have a built in network of professional services to make any of these available at your request.

We are focused on building your trust for a long term relationship earning your referral’s and future business.

(Q) How do I buy a car that you don’t have in your inventory?  

(A) We start off with exactly what you want and the time frame you want your car by. If you are not clear on what you want, we will patiently take the steps to see what car would benefit you the most. The criteria is based off of the following: Budget, make and model preferences, annual miles driven, fuel efficiency, car mileage preference, etc.

Once we have your preferred car selected, We will schedule a time for you to come to our office to give a deposit. Deposits vary based upon value of purchase.
Depending on what car you have selected we will give you the time frame needed to locate and negotiate the lowest price possible.

Once we purchase the car you will have a vehicle inspection by a certified mechanic.

At this point you will have the option to choose from any of our partner relationships to put your personal signature on your car.

Please note: Our services are not focused on instant gratification but rather on taking the time needed to get the specific car you want. Second to a home, a car is one of the biggest investments you will make.

Making a sound decision is a critical step on your car buy. Think of us as your personal auto consultant that handles the negotiation process and delivers specifically what you want.

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